3rd Ann Auto Show 1973

Drifting Collage

Drifting Collage

Drifting Collage

25th Ann Hoskins Awards

DMVR Sign; poor condition

Schlitz Sports Car Spectactular

Schlitz Cup Series

Falstaff Classic

6th Ann Auto Show

7th Ann Auto Show (2)

Christmas theme DMVR

Super Show 1980

DM Grand Prix Recruitment Poster

1990 Ruan Grand Prix Raffle Poster



Box One

Box Three




Various banners: Firestone, Valvoline (2), Bud Light, Etc

Ruan Grand Prix Stuff. Business Surveys 90 and 91



Newspapers. 1990 DMVR World of Wheels VHS tape


Box Two




Ruan Grand Prix Stuff. 2 SCCA Volvoline t-shirts. Hospitality


folders. Yearbooks. Paddock layout. Newspaper articles.


Three 1993 tickets. Two first aid kits. Other misc.